Why do my children have to resemble me so much?

Morning Watch 5/3/13
“Knowing the correct password—saying [‘Daddy, Daddy, Lord, Lord, or my God,’] for instance— isn’t going to get you anywhere with me. What is required is —[LOVE doing] (Matthew 7:21 MSG)[rg]
As a parent, I find I desire good for my children. Sometimes I want to give them a good beating! Lol. “If you just DO what I ask, things will be so much better for you!” I found myself yelling one day. Even as the words escaped my lips, I was convicted to DO what I say. God have mercy! I can see God wanting more than “lip service.” I had to laugh at myself.
Why do my children have to resemble me so much? My wife agrees! Many times I’ve heard her say something like, “can’t you do something about your kid!” I’m beginning to be a little suspicious of her; beginning to wonder if she’s their mom. Hee hee heee. Others have commented, “she’s got your eyes, he looks just like you.” If I figure out which one has my hair they better watch out! Physical attributes are fine but I believe it’s the doing that makes the difference.
Recently, a complete stranger told us that they enjoy seeing our children come around, “they are very obedient, and respond to you,” she said. It didn’t stop there. She went on for several minutes assuring us that we had good kids. Really, this was not a paid endorsement! It’s nice to know our prayers are being answered. It helps me live more hopeful and positive.
Truly we are a family blessed and prepared for mission service. Being up close and personal, I can tell you, God was not looking for perfection as he claimed us to be ambassadors for him. I believe He just wanted a family willing to be Love Doers.


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