A Prayer Away

Just A Prayer Away
We were leaving Seattle slightly depressed. Tent camping and the MINI-van were becoming very cramped. We had it in mind to start heading home to Texas. We felt like we needed to refresh, regroup, and find an RV. Before heading out, we prayed concerning a possible stop at the Singletary’s. After prayer we felt at peace to stop by and visit them. It had been fourteen years since we last saw each other so it was a grand reunion! Later we began sharing our story with them, about why we were in the northwest. As we talked about the ways in which God was leading us, they became more and more excited. Then, they began to share their conviction, to open a health/evangelistic clinic in downtown Vancouver. They extended a request for us to stay and help them, claiming God must have sent us and reunited us for this purpose. Lol! We decided to stay and pray with them about what to do next. The kids really enjoyed a break from the cramped van, and more so, having playmates. Their kids are the same ages as our kids. Fun. Fun. Fun!
When we first got here my pain was ignorable for the most part, so they had no idea of what I have been experiencing the last couple years. Then I had several bad days. During this time, Carol began investigating my symptoms which seemed very familiar to her. She had me look up CHIARI Malformation / Syringomyelia. I have at least 80% of the symptoms. Their little boy has this condition.
John also thinks I may have CHIARI Malformation/Syringomyelia. Look up csfinfo.org. There is an indication that it may be a genetic thing. It sounds very much like what my Dad has dealt with most of his life. Maybe even what my Uncle Eli has endured for many years. The foremost neurologist in the world, researching this condition, is in Seattle, at the University of Washington Medical Center. We are trying to get all my medical records, mri’s, etc. sent over. We will be here for a while finding out if this is what’s going on with me. We will have Sammy checked too because of similar issues. If this is what’s going on, there is a surgical procedure that can help relieve some of the symptoms. With surgery there would be a 6mo recovery/therapy period.
Everyone here is thinking maybe this is part of the reason for us ending up here. It is scary to think of surgery, but if we can help Sammy, and I can get rid of half the pain issues, it’d be wonderful.
A friend of theirs has offered to loan us a trailer to stay in while we find out what will happen next.
Please pray that we keep in God’s plan and not be distracted by these other things. (Not sure if that came out right. Hope you understand what I’m thinking.) I don’t want to lay down if I’m suppose to keep walking forward. Funny how pain has become part of my testimony?!
Amazing to think we were a prayer away from stoping by here. A prayer away, from so many blessings. A prayer away, from sharing the invitation to heaven with so many more of His children.
Anyway, thank you for your love and encouragement! It definitely helps us keep going!
Prayer requests:
Becky is growing tired if being away from home.
My sister needs to find work and home in Cleburne.
Still need RV to care for family.
Devine appointments to share God’s love with more families.
PS. We should/hope to know more about medical stuff in the next two weeks?


One thought on “A Prayer Away

  1. Praying. Wish I could’ve visited y’all. I’ve been sick for over a week with bronchitis. I am praying for you and your family’s continual strength and faith and God’s leading.

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