Blessings From Down Under

Blessings from Down Under
Here’s what God just did:
Sent a family from Australia, to share his love with us.
They had more trouble than usual during their travel. After 30hrs they finally made it to their hotel, Oxford Inn, Chico, CA. They were tired, but the kids wanted to go swimming. Mom, Donna, just wanted to go to sleep but acquiesced to the children and went to relax in the hot tub.
We left Grants Pass heading to Chico, CA to visit Larry and Mary Rose. Larry and I met at breakfast in Shasta a couple months earlier. He is a living historian in that his ancestors founded Roseburg, OR, with his Grate Grandfather being a wagon master on the Oregon trail. The family had personal visits from Chief Joseph. On Tuesday I had called to make arrangements to visit. We would be staying with them Wednesday night through Friday morning. They gave us their address and said to call when we exited 99. I’m thinking about the incredible opportunity for our homeschooled kids. I called the Rose family when we exited. Busy. I called when we pulled up in front of the house. Busy. Their was a locked fence between me and the door, so, I couldn’t knock. We waited a while and called a couple more times. Busy. It was getting late so we decided to get a hotel and find some food. As we drove back to the freeway we passed a Sprint Car racing event. The first two hotels were completely booked. I was directed to check Oxford Suits. Becky suggested I call ahead. CJ, the desk clerk, told us they had two rooms left and offered a discount. CJ then told me the room rate would be even better than quoted over the phone, as we checked in. I was feeling very bummed that we were not able to connect with the Rose’s, even entertaining the thought that we had been blown off by them. We had a bite to eat then kids were eager to go swimming. After playing in the pool, Becky and I made our way to the empty jacuzzi.
It wasn’t long before we were joined by Donna and kids. She shared that they had come for the races, and told of all the trials they had encountered. We were able to share our testimony and adventure for the past few months of missionary work. Donna then announced her understanding of all the delays they’ve endured getting from Australia to Chico, “I would be at the race right now with my husband instead of here meeting you. God had this all prearranged.” We enjoyed each others company till we were asked to leave, the pool was closing. Making our way to our rooms we found out that we were directly across the hall from each other. Again Donna said , “God had this planned, even for us to be neighbors.” We told her that Heidi had picked the room. Donna commented that Angels had been directing Heidi’s decision. Nobody was eager to leave the fellowship, however we were all very tired.
In the morning our family prepared to leave then decided to have one last swim before the 12 O-clock check out time. After the swim, I pulled up in front of the lobby to begin loading our stuff. Walking toward the lobby door I said hello to a man seated by the entrance. Noticing his accent, I asked where he was from. “Australia mate!”
Just then his boy walked up saying,” Oh good! You found him.” This was how I met Craig, Donna’s husband. Craig added that he had been knocking at my door an hour ago and had thought they had missed us, that we had already left. It was like meeting an old friend. We talked as though we were catching up from last time. Then Craig told me that they had decided to send our family to Lego Land for 5 days. (Last night in our conversation with Donna, she said they were going to Disney Land next and asked if we had taken the kids. We told them that we were headed home to Texas and would not make it to Disney this time. I added that we had hoped to go to Lego Land as it was Sammy’s most current birthday wish.) Upon hearing Craig’s comment, tears began to well up in my eyes. He said our wives were talking inside and that I should go talk to Becky.
Our families continued to have fellowship through lunch time. Truly it was a taste of heaven on earth. God had made a divine appointment for our two families to love and encourage each other. We are hoping to see them again in Southern California, before they head back to Australia.
Please pray for their safe travels.


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