Thankful Today

Thankful for a warm house and warm bed. But I’m most thankful for my wife and children! Me and Sammy are the only ones up, this frozen morning. With a minimal amount of help, he read me the story of Gideon. Very proud of him. A couple days ago Sammy’s tia came by and gave each of the children a small amount of cash. Sammy came smiling to me, “look daddy, I have two dollars! What can I get with two dollars?” Henry and I mentioned a couple things and Sammy’s smile got bigger. With all the joy of Christmas bubbling up inside and shining from his face, he says, “I’m gonna give Grandma and auntie Cindy a present!” He handmade cards in his little boy writing; some of the letters facing the wrong way. He placed a dollar in each one. He sealed it using a paper clip and some tape. His enthusiasm spilled over to Heidi who joined in making a card for grandma. He had the look of joy and accomplishment as he showed us his finished product. “Daddy, you’re squishing me!” He squeaked out from inside my hug.
I want to be like Sammy- so full of contagious joy.
I want to be like like my little ones- eager to give ALL because of LOVE. I want to be like Sammy- engulfed in my Fathers embrace.
Do Everything With Love.
(1 Corinthians 16:14 GW)
All the law and testimony hangs on this!





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