Breaking news
We are going to relocate to Lincoln Nebraska. (Beginning of June)
How it happened
We started our second missionary journey by going to support some friends in Lincoln. While there, we were informed that the Mighty Magic Pants – music & entertainment for children – was having auditions. Our friend Ryan Teller is part of the cast. Becky commented a few times that she would love to be part of the Pants. We were told that one of the female members would be leaving and there would be auditions the following week. Becky was encouraged to audition. One of the ladies auditioning had been hand picked to replace the one leaving. Becky was the last to audition. After a couple days of prayer and consideration, Becky got the call. “It’s unanimous, we want you,” They said. In later conversations it was revealed that they were just humoring Becky by letting her try out; they already had the hand picked gal. They told us that after Becky left the room everybody looked at each other and proclaimed Becky the one. Ryan and his wife Tawnya, who were involved in the selection process, said they remained quiet, not wanting to show any bias, but with everyone else talking about how perfectly Becky would fit in, they were able to add to the comments. They all agreed to spend time praying about it before the final decision and releasing the results.
Becky spent an afternoon talking, one on one, to the leader, Mike Mennard. In there talk Becky explained our family ministry. Mike was very impressed and said he was looking for ways to increase and include ministry opportunities to what they were doing. We see a good mesh, marrying, of what God has called our family to, and Mighty Magic Pants.
Since January, following Gods lead, we have been preparing to leave our house – to become full time traveling missionaries – we now understand, in part, what we were preparing for.
We need to sell our house.
We need to purchase an RV Bus.
We need bookings. (
We need your prayers most of all.
With God speaking to your heart, if you can help us with any of these needs please let us know.
Mighty Magic Pants